The six oblong pearls are for silence. Could it be, that this silence is filled with blessing. Praying for blessing is praying for God's presence. And silence is needed so that we could notice His presence and meet Him. Pearls of silence just there where they are in the rosary of Fralsarkransen (wreath of Life) may help to remember and deepen the prayers of Lord's blessing.


The first pearl of Silence next to God pearl:
God created a human being to be his image.
He is present always and everywhere.
Also in your life.
You may pray: Oh Lord, bless us


The second pearl of Silence between Baptism pearl and Desert pearl:
God has summoned a human being by name to live with him. It's a human's task to try to live doing God's will. He did not promise us an easy life but a good one.
You may pray: and keep us.

The third pearl of silence between Desert pearl and Serenity pearl:
In the desert of our life, we may feel as all the solutions are in our hands. Some other time we dare to trust, that everything is in His hands. We cannot know all about God, but as we try to live near Him, follow Him,
we can learn to know Him and His will.
You may pray: make Your face to shine upon us.

The fourth pearl of silence between Serenity pearl and Love pearls:
We may leave all our life in God's hands.
He has given us our life. We know that we are sinners. But we can trust that He forgives us because of Jesus Christ.
You may pray: and be gracious to us.

The fifth pearl of silence between Night pearl and Resurrection pearl:
Night, darkness and death present human life separate from God. God sent his Son to the earth to die for us, so that we could live with Him forever. God turned to us. We may look for relation to Him, look for His countenance.
You may pray: lift up Your countenance upon us.

The sixth pearl of silence between Resurrection pearl and God pearl:
Jesus Christ has suffered for us, died and won the death. He has conciliated us with God.
When we follow His way, we find Peace.
You may pray: and give us peace.


God pearl:
God is love, grace, life, joy, wisdom. You see God's light shine.  Live your life in that light.
You may pray: In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.