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This site is about - an ecumenical rosary from Sweden.

Martin Lönnebo, Lutheran emeritus bishop in Sweden, was considering what could help us in praying, what a person needs when he/she is distressed, how the church could support young parents to pray with their children… And he made a conclusion that a rosary could be a practical device for these purposes, and also a help in spiritual training, which he finds even more important than physical or mental training.

He named the rosary "Frälsarkransen", which means "The Wreath of Christ" (the name is in Norway and in Denmark "Kristuskransen"). He wanted to emphasise the meaning of silence in prayer. Praying is not only speaking in words, it is being in front of God, with empty hands, listening. Just being. Seeing and touching the beads ease to concentrate and remember the most important things in life.

The beads of "The Wreath of Christ" have many meanings, they carry many pictures and secrets. Every single one of them tells something about God and about us. In the beads of prayer you can also see the life of Christ from Betlehem – via Desert – to the mountain of the sermon “don’t worry” – via the last supper – to the cross and to the empty tomb in the garden – joyful morning of resurrection.

Take a moment for prayer.

The Story of the Wreath of Christ

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how to pray Click the picture to see how to pray

Take the Wreath of Christ in your hands. Think, say, feel, have courage to believe: I am here, God is present, it is totally quiet.

Take the golden God bead between your fingers and say the prayer that belongs with it. Move on to the first colourless Silence bead. Say the prayer associated with it.

Then you may either go through all the beads or select the beads that you at that moment feel important. Finish your prayer with Aaron´s blessing at the last Silence bead and Lord´s prayer at the God bead.

You can also say Lord’s prayer using the round beads on the string and Aaron’s blessing using the six beads of silence. "The Wreath of Christ", Pearls of Life make no demands - it is there for you when you need it.

Path of Prayer Beads, Walk with Pearls of Life

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