The Our Father and Pearls of Life

Pearls of Life may help us to deepen the meaning of the Lord's prayer. The amount and the significance of the round beads match with the prayers of the Our Father. The beads make it easier to us to remember the whole prayer. And every bead is like an exegesis of a prayer. What does it mean?

Take Pearls of Life in your hands.
Think, say, feel, have courage to believe:
I am here, God is present, it is totally quiet.

Golden bead of God
God is holy, hidden, immense, almighty. And yet, God is near us, He is the light of our life.
You may pray: Our father in heaven

Small pearly I-bead
A human being on Earth in the huge universe is like a insignificant mote. And yet, God created man in his own likeness.
You may pray: hallowed be your name.

White Baptism bead
A human being is a citizen of two realms: temporal and immortal, visible and unseen, earthly and heavenly. Baptism is the initiation to the community of Jesus’ followers, citizens of God's kingdom. In the middle of everyday life we can seek, see, experience the God's Kingdom come true.
You may pray: Your kingdom come.

Sand-coloured Desert bead
All the time there are things in our life where we have to choose, make decisions, act. Life isn't easy and simple. We don't know the future, we don't know, what's best for us.
You may pray: Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Blue Serenity bead
God has given us our life. He knows what we need. We are his creations. He takes care of us. We can't prolong our life even for a second.
You may pray: Give us this day our daily bread,

Red Love bead
We act against the will of God in many ways. What we do and don't do breaches our relationship with God and our neighbour. We need God's forgiving love.
You may pray: and forgive us our sins,

Red Sacrifice bead
God has created us to live together with other people. God loves us and his love gives us strength to love each other.
You may pray: as we forgive those, who sin against us.

(Small pearly Mystery beads: In silence you may ask forgiveness and forgive things on your mind.)

Black Night bead
There are dark periods in life, when you feel lonely and sad. Tempter whispers: Be your own god, you don't need anything else, choose your own way of life, God has deserted you. It feels like God isn't present.
You may pray: Lead us not into temptation,

White Resurrection bead
Christ has risen from the dead. He has won the power of the night, darkness and death. The Evil has been conquered. We can live in communion with God.
You may pray: but deliver us from evil.

Back to golden bead of God
God is holy, almighty, our Lord and our King. We confess:
For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever. Amen.