Path of Prayer beads

By Karin Carlsson, from Swedish translated and reworked in English by Kaarina Hakkarainen

Made for EAEE council meeting’s workshop in Mustasaari, Helsinki


It is possible to use this path both indoors or outdoors, you can also take one or two stations at a time and make a meditation or prayer around them.


For indoor stations you can take a look at Eero Jokela’s pictures at Everything there is in Finnish but using links you’ll find pictures and with these texts here can think which are which.


In the beginning

This path of prayer beads in is about a walk in life. Life can turn out to be very different, but some things are common for everyone.


Every station deals with one or more beads in Pearls of Life. Every bead is a sign for significant experiences in life. And at the same time every bead carries with it a message from God. Every bead tells us something about God and about a human being.


Jesus Christ, our Saviour has once walked on the earth as a human being. He went through similar experiences as we. And yet his walk here differs from ours, because he never did anything bad or loveless. He respected everyone he met and loved them. He has shown us the right way. It’s not always easy to walk, but it takes us to our goal. Walking through this path of prayer beads is walking together with our Saviour and friend Jesus Christ.


During the walk you can search for a treasure, the most valuable riches of life. This treasure is neither gold nor money. It’s something else and immeasurable worthy. Take Pearls of Life with you; they’ll guide you forward.

There is a path around the island and we’ll go around it clockwise. You’ll find pearl stations alongside the path. It’s possible to start on any station. Let’s begin at different directions, so there is time for everyone to go in peace and silence.  Walk alone or with your friend. Please wait if there is someone else at a pearl station. Here in this room, there are two stations and here you’ll come back after going through every station on the path, at …o’clock. Here we’ll wait for others and end our session together.

At the end
We’ll take prayer beads and pray with them as it is in the prayer card. We do not say aloud the names of the beads and only once the prayer of Silence bead.


God Pearl

The golden God pearl is a sign of God’s presence in our life.
This pearl is bigger than other pearls in the wreath.
God is always bigger we can understand. He is Holy, Almighty, Immense and Infinite.

And yet He is near us and we are allowed to talk to him as our Heavenly Father. God gives us his good gifts: light, warmth and love. He is the light of our life. And we belong to him.

Take a look at the creation God has made.

Think what is there which makes you glad.

Think also what else precious you’ve got in your life.


If you walk with someone tell him/her, what makes you glad.

Pearls of Silence
Things you need: a big seashell

This is a place for Silence. Be silent for a while and listen what you hear, when you yourself make no voice.
There are six oblong uncoloured pearls in the wreath. They are Pearls of Silence.

They remind us about our need to be silent. Prayer is not only our speech; it is discussion with God, also without words.
In the silence we can here God’s voice deep in our heart.

You can take the seashell from the box and put it on your ear. What can you hear? After listening put the seashell back to the box and walk forward in silence to the next station.


- Things you need: a box where there is a mirror inside

The golden God pearl is the biggest and finest pearl in the wreath. The oblong pearls of Silence surround it. Beside the pearl of Silence is a little pearly pearl. It is your own I-pearl, the most beautiful and valuable pearl after God pearl in the wreath. Every human being is unique and precious in God’s eyes. To remember this you can take a clam with a pearl with you.

Now you can take a look at the real genuine I-pearl. When you’ll look at it you’ll see a secret, which is between God and you. Nobody else but just you can see it.

The Pearl is in the golden box. Open it carefully and look at the precious Pearl of God. Then close the box and thank God for letting you see this secret.

Baptism Pearl

- Things you need: a bowl with water

During the walk of life we often broke God’s will.

We are created in God’s image, but we cannot reflect God’s image clearly. Baptism reminds us of forgiveness of our sins and we can always start anew. Baptism reminds us also of belonging in God’s family. 


“I draw a cross with my finger. I draw a cross on myself.

It means: I’m Gods child as Jesus was. As I was baptised a cross was drawn on my forehead and heart.


This cross of baptism is in me; it’ll be never wiped away. God, look at the cross, keep me always your child.”


è    You can dip your finger in water and draw a cross on your forehead.


Desert Pearl

                      - Things you need: small stones

You’ve come to Desert pearl. It’s dreary and lifeless in the desert. The wind has blown sand so, that there are not any ways to be seen forward. You cannot know, how to get out of there.


Life is sometimes like a desert. There are so many problems and difficulties, you cannot know how to manage. Desert pearl is telling you, that different kinds of difficulties are a part of life. Jesus Christ had to stay in the desert too. And there he had to meet severe temptations.

Think of what is difficult in your life just now.

Take a stone from the ground and hold it in your hand. This stone is the difficulty in your mind.

You can throw the stone away and pray:
God, take care of this difficulty.
Please help me here.





Serenity Pearl

- Things you need: some blue scarves and  cards with a text “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today God is there for you.”

Welcome to the place of joy and serenity. In order to feel how light and enjoyable it is to be carefree, you can drape a blue scarf over your shoulders. The scarf is blue like heaven, like sea, like the sea of Eternity, Grace and Peace.

Then read Jesus words to his friends:

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?  Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you … Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of own.”

Leave scarves to those who come after you, or if you see them coming, you can drape them over their shoulders.

In the basket there is a “message of an angel”, you can take it with you to remind about God’s care during your life.

Pearls of Love


Welcome to the station of Love pearls. In the wreath there are two red beads as signs of Love. The first one tells about Love we receive from God and the other one about Love we give.


The first Love pearl, Pearl of Love we receive

God loves us. It is difficult to understand, because we cannot see him. But God has found an excellent way to show us how much he loves you and me. He becomes a human being to live among us. Jesus is born in our world.

But God does not come to us only in Jesus. He shows his love in giving loving people near us, a family, friends, workmates.

The second red pearl, Pearl of Sacrifice
reminds us, that other people need and long for love. The pearl reminds us, that we can give love to them. Love is small everyday deeds, where we sacrifice our thoughts, time and abilities for others.

Take hold on the two red beads in your wreath.  Keep the first one in your fingers and pray God in silence thanking him for his love in Jesus Christ and for people who love you.

Keep the other red bead in your fingers. Think how you could show your happiness about being loved by others. Remember to say or show it to them.

Mystery Pearls

                      - Things you need: candles


Three pearly mystery beads are just alike like your own I-pearl. In the mystery beads you can hide your most secret hopes, dreams, dearest ones, feelings that are most difficult or most wonderful, things you cannot always find words.


To touch these pearls is a prayer:

God you know, take care.


A candle is a sign for prayer. You can light a candle as a sign of your silent prayers, ask, thank, joy for… or pray for someone…


Night Pearl

- Things you need: a black box where there is a picture of Christ inside


Life isn’t only joy and serenity, light and love.

Sorrow, darkness and death are also a part of life.

The Black Night pearl is a sign of these feelings. There is nothing dangerous in them. Crying helps us to bear our sorrow. With other people and with help of other people we can get through fear and hard sorrow.


During the difficult moments of life you may feel like being alone in the darkness. You can however always trust on that you are never alone.


Open the black box and take a look at

a picture of a friend, who is always there for you.


After looking in the box go on reading:


You are not alone in the darkness of sorrow and death. Jesus Christ is there with you. He is as near you as the picture in the box or the black bead in the prayer wreath. He knows, what it is to be in the darkness of death. But he is not dead anymore. He can and will help you forward.

Resurrection Pearl

- Things you need: little paper flowers with text: “You are God’s beloved child. “ Or “God loves you. Your name is written in the book of Heaven.” And a prayer card of Pearls of Life

Welcome to the place of hope and victory. This is the wonderful place of Easter and resurrection. Darkness and death cannot ever say the last word, when you walk your life with Jesus Christ. Life wins, when Jesus wins the death. He wants to share it with you. He calls you to live the joy of resurrection in communion with God.


Take a folded piece of paper from the box. Put it on the water edgings up.


Wait and see and wonder a secret that this little piece of paper reveals to you. 


You can take your little paper flower and

sit down in peace and quiet waiting for others.


You can read a prayer card and think

what you experienced during your walk.